Walk away

i live to breath, to fight another day, not sing and watch you walk away, i do the thing i do to see the light, fight away the darkness, to bring the night, i live to succeed, and to grow with pride, can believe the truth i cam to no, or to grow like alli blow, forever young yeah that had to go, so think of the truth i speak to you, its not a lie but its impossible!



I love culture! I don’t care which one it is! Or the kind of people that are involved in it i love it! I love the mystery of it! Its beautiful! 


If only life wasn’t about hate, everybody just living trying to survive a day. A smile on the face, instead of that frown that comes around and makes you and run away. Nobody wants to cry, nobody wants to feel left out, everybody wants to enjoy their time, nobody wants to scream out of pain and shout, nobody feels they should be in pain, nobody feels like they should go insane.


I have been through hell and back! I have been people die! I am seen things i should have never seen when i was young. I did things I regret more then anything, and I have made mistakes no one is perfect. Not even God himself! He created this world to be imperfect! We are all perfectly imperfect!! I have lived to so much pain and guilt! I have felt the highest amount of hatred possible! Bur i stand  here, stronger then ever! But most of all i am ALIVE!